Who are we?

Patrick Buu-Hoi – Co-founder:

Patrick initiated this family project with his wife Mercedes in 2002. He has been investing a lot of his time for many years and helped on a regular basis to develop every aspect of the project alongside his wife.

He lives in Paris where he is a still active medical Doctor, however he will never miss an olive harvesting and will come every year to participate and supervise.  When he is at the property, he is also our on duty MD.

Virginie Buu-Hoi Tacies – Director

Virginie is the daughter of Patrick and Mercedes and since she took over the project in 2016, she became passionate about it.  She is responsible for all aspects of the agricultural production, growing and elaboration of the products as well as the marketing/promotion/PR and sales.

She has a Master’s degree in International Business, which has helped her develop the project and she has also had to educate herself with all aspects of the agriculture side.

James Stewart – General Manager

James is the husband of Virginie and is in charge of all the technical aspects of the project, including development of the property and infrastructure as well as contributing to the commercial strategy and business plan.

He has a background in mechanical engineering and project management, which he has applied to all aspects of the property, including installation and maintenance of irrigation and electricity generation systems.

Marie Baeyaert Buu-Hoi – Commercial representative in Paris

Marie is our best ambassador in Paris for the sales of our line of products, including developing contacts and PR for the business.

She participates every year in the olive harvesting, a time of the year that she loves, where she is also responsible to weigh and verify the daily production.  She also gets involved with the packaging and the sales of the products and services that we offer.

Héloïse Buu-Hoi – Amateur photographer

Héloïse is the granddaughter of Patrick and Mercedes. She helps occasionally with the harvestings and has developed a passion for photography especially taking pictures of the native animals.  Héloïse has made a series of cards, from these pictures, which can be purchased at the property or on our website. 

She studies art history at the Sorbonne in Paris.

Winston – Security and surveillance Manager

Winston is in charge of the surveillance, security and protection of the property.

You can be sure that if you are not expected, he will bark persistently and chase you.

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