A bit of history

Maman last
Mercedes Tacies Binefa de Buu-Hoi

Our estate is the fruit of a project that was started 20 years ago, in the Segarra region of Spain, where our founder, Mercedes Buu-Hoi, was born and raised.

In 2002, a deep longing to return to her roots brought Mercedes to invest in the region. She decided to acquire a 6 hectare property not far from her father’s ancestral home. Here she labored to create a farm featuring olive and almond trees and also aromatic and medicinal herbs indigenous to the region.

While developing her farm, Mercedes also started a heritage restoration project of the small, historical village located on the property.  Dating from the middle ages, the village includes a church and the remnants of a few homes.

Unfortunately, she only had the time to restore Cal Tonillo, a house estimated to have been built in the 18th century. Today that house is our principal residence.

The farm and restoration became Mercedes’ passion and she pursued it until the end of her life.

At her passing in 2014, the property was taken over by her husband and children who decided to carry on with the project and make her dreams come true.

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