Our Products

We produce in small quantities, which allows us to offer a range of high quality and exclusive products.
Our Line of products is sophisticated and ideal for gifts.
All our products are natural, with no added preservatives.

Olive oil–Extra Virgin

The majority of our olive trees are Aberquines, but we also have a number of Verdale and Cornicabra trees.

The olives are harvested by hand over a five day period each year then taken to a local mill.


The olives are then cold-pressed, ensuring the best taste and quality.

The extra-virgin oil that results is both sweet and fruity with a pleasant acidity and spiciness.


Our oil is lab tested for quality and nutritional content before being bottled and labeled at the estate.



We currently cultivate 3 almond varieties: Larguetas, Marconas and Communes.

The almonds are harvested by hand at the end of every summer.

Once the outer hull is removed, the almonds are laid out to dry in the sun. They are then carefully stored in baskets until they can be processed.


The raw almonds are sweet and crunchy and have a delicate perfume.

Our almonds are also lab tested for quality and nutritional content.

Aromatics herbs

This region of Catalonia supports a wide variety of culinary, aromatic and medicinal herbs.


At Cal Tonillo we grow many of these including the thyme, rosemary, fennel, and lavender that propagate naturally.

The weather particular to the region: dry, cold in winter and very hot in summer, enhances their taste and their benefits.

These herbs are harvested, seasonally, by hand before they are dried, stored and individually packaged.

Jams and syrup

Figs, blackberries, pomegranates, and quinces all grow wild in the area.


Taking advantage of this, we carefully pick them when they are perfectly ripe and then preserve them in small batches of jams and syrups.

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