We welcome you in our property that we have arranged for your pleasure and your comfort.

The property is energy efficient and environmentally friendly:

  • The electricity is provided by our solar panels.
  • Rain water is recovered for everyday use (dishes, washing, showers etc…).
  • The property is in the middle of the countryside, we are not connected to the general city sewage. The treatment of the waste water is done through a septic tank.

In order to keep the private rooms and the chalet at their best for future visitors, we would like to ask you to observe a few rules and advices in order to make your stay as enjoyable as possible.

Conditions of arrival and departure:

In order to allow us to prepare the bedrooms and welcome you in the best conditions, the private rooms and the chalet will be available for check in between 16h00 and 19h00 on the day of your arrival (you can drop your suitcase before if you would like).

On the day of your departure, we request check out by 12:00 pm.

Breakfast :

Breakfast is served inside or outside (if the weather allows), between 08h30 and 10h00.

The private rooms and the Chalet:

  • Please do not drink the water from the tap. We will provide you with bottles of water. To cook, please use the water cans that are available.
  • Please do not forget to turn off the gas once you are finished cooking.
  • Please turn off the lights when you leave the bedrooms or the chalet to conserve electricity.
  • In order to keep the septic tank in good order, we would ask you not to throw the toilet paper in the toilet. Please put the soiled paper in the bins available next to the toilet.
    Please do not throw any objects or products (tampons, sanitary towels, cotton … etc) in the toilet that could block the pipes and generate inconvenience to the occupants.
  • Respect the tranquility of the other visitors in case of late return or early morning departure.
  • The access to the internet is free by Wifi, however the data is limited and large data downloads (files, movies, games ) are prohibited.
  • Please be advised that there is no TV in the Chalet.
  • Valuables (jewelries, multimedia devices, means of payment, etc.) shouldn’t be left in the chalet or in your parked vehicles; the owner declines any responsibility in case of theft or loss of any objects.
  • Please do not eat or store food in the bedrooms.

General rules:

  • The establishment is non smoking, bedrooms included. It is forbidden to smoke indoors including the common areas.
    Smoking is permitted outside and ashtrays are available.
  • Children have to be under adult supervision (parent or guardian) at all times when inside and outside in the property.
  • The clients commit to leave the bedrooms/the chalet in good condition at the end of their stay and declare any damages, and are financially responsible in case of any damages caused.
  • The kitchen in the main house is not for guests use.
  • If you have a maintenance problem, you can call us at +34 639 303 833.
  • Emergencies: please contact us or refer to the emergency contact list.
  • Theft and accidents: The owners decline any responsibility in case of theft or body injury that takes place at the property.
  • A fire extinguisher is available in each house.

Ecoturism rules :

We are respectful to the conservation of our planet and we would like to contribute to the protection of the environment…

Simple rules and a little conservation can do a lot. This is why we count on your collaboration to:

  • Avoid to leave the lights on when not in use or unoccupied.
  • Do not leave the tap running and moderate the flow when showering.
  • Avoid using any of the towels available if you do not need them.

We thank you in advance for your understanding and your help/collaboration.

We invite you to enjoy the facilities available for your enjoyment whilst respecting the privacy and enjoyment of your fellow guests.


We wish you an enjoyable stay with us.

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