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Ondarenca is a store of fruits and vegetables of proximity and of bulk food products, situated in the heart of Cervera, capital of the Segarra.

They offer products of their own production, fresh and seasonal products.

The fruits and vegetables come from most of the orchards that belong to them collected from the day and also offer a selection of artisanal products made by local producers.

We are pleased to collaborate with Ondarenca and have our products on sale exclusively in the store.


Av. Duran i Sanpere, 51 – 25200 Cervera

INSTAGRAM: ondarenca_agrobotiga

☎ 621 186 394 (Tania)

✉ ondarenca2019@gmail.com


Escapas Travel is a travel planner organizing personalized trips for French-speaking clients who want to do tourism in Spain.

Julie has had the opportunity to live the experience of spending a weekend in our property and visiting the surroundings.

If you are French-speaking and interested in Julie’s services, do not hesitate to contact her directly.


INSTAGRAM: escapas_travel

WEB: https://escapas.net

✉ contact@escapas.net


Sabons LP

Natural soaps handmade in Segarra and Barcelona. Handmade soaps, with no preservatives and scent added.

Sabons LP and Sant Miquel de Tudela have decided to collaborate in the creation of soaps made from the extra virgin olive oil of the property, mixing the art and knowledge of Sabons LP with quality ingredients.

Do not hesitate to contact Sabons LP, if you want to know more.


INSTAGRAM: @sabons_lp

☎ 680 685 386

✉ sabonslp@gmail.com

Blanca MJ Creativa 

Blanca is a creative specialized in graphic design, art direction, visual content creation and event planning. In 2021,  she returns to her roots and settle in La Segarra, where she launches the project-A TAULA!.

– A TAULA! It is an experience to discover the Segarra region around a table, through the landscape and gastronomy, celebrating life and creating new friends.

Meetings around a table with local and seasonal products in the middle of the landscape of La Segarra.

Often, Blanca does us the honor of using our products on her table.

Here you have her contact if you want to know more about – A TAULA!.

INSTAGRAM: @blancamj.creativa

WEB: https://www.blancamj.com/-a-taula

☎ 669 245 880

✉ hola@blancamj.com

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