Product: Olive oil ~Extra Virgen~

Description: Alberquines, cornicabras, verdal.

Sold with a dispenser nozzle.

.250 ml bottle. Price: € 12.00

.500 ml bottle. Price: € 20.00

Sold with a dispenser nozzle.

Product: Almonds

Description: mix of largetas, marconas and communes. Available in 100 grs and 150 grs pouches.


  100 grs 150 grs
Natures €5.00 €8.00
Pralines €7.00 €9.00
Salted €6.00 €8.00

Product: Aromatic herbs

Description: 106 ml jar


Thyme (20 grs) €3.50
Fennel seeds (40 grs) €5.00
Fennel sticks (40 grs) €4.00
Rosemary (20grs) €3.00
Mint (8 grs) €2.80
Basil (8 grs) €2.80
Berries of Cade Juniper (40 grs) €5.00

Refill sachets of herbs are available. Please contact us.

Product: Aromatic herbs ~Lavander Angustifulia~

Description: hand embroidered cotton sachet

Price: € 6.00

Out of stock!

Order now for the next production (august 2022)

Product: Jams

Description: Blackberry, fig and quince in jars of 200 grs and 400 grs


  200grs 400grs
Blackberry €6.00 €8.00
Fig €7.00 €9.00
Quince €7.00 €9.00

We only have fig jam available!

Order now for the next production of blackberry and Quinces jams. Production in fall 2022.

Product: Grenadine syrup

Description: 500ml bottle

Price: € 14.00

Out of stock!

Order now for the next production November 2022.

Product: Selection of cards

Description: The beautiful pictures have been taken by our exclusive photographer and include animals of the region, landscapes, trees and herbs.

Price: € 5.00 per card / € 28.00 for a lot of 6.

You can buy our products on site or your orders can be sent all over Europe.

To make your orders and know the shipping rates:

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