We offer a variety of experiences from Spring till Fall.

Aromatic herbs: (June to October)

We will walk around the property identifying up to 10 aromatic herbs: from history, benefits and use. Depending on the season we will harvest and process some of the herbs for storage or use.

Almond harvest (September):

We will spend the day doing the whole process of collecting the almonds from the trees, drying for storage, processing and elaboration of final products that we can taste and enjoy.

Olive harvest (mid November):

Olive harvesting takes a full five days from picking the first fruit until taking the fruit to be pressed into oil at the mill.  Participate in harvesting the fruit from our trees, including learning about the care and well-being of the trees. Finish up with a visit to the mill to see the oil pressed.

At the end of each experience we will give you a certificate for accomplishment of harvesting and a sample of your harvest.

For more information and prices on our experiences, please contact us.

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